Team Building

The Gold Coast has some fabulous team building organisations for you to choose from, whether you are looking for something fun or a more structured approach to your event. It is a beautiful location for group events of all kinds, and there are some fantastic facilities available to suit most activities. If you are looking for something fun then the Surfers Paradise has several exciting water-based activities to choose from, whether it be a lazy day cruising the waters or trying your luck with the surfboard. Or perhaps you could try a few sand dunes and white water rafting for a bit of an adventure. There is a lot to do on the Gold Coast of Australia, and it's easy to get caught up in choosing just one activity rather than the whole experience.

On the Surfers Paradise there are plenty of beach based team building activities, and they are often open to the public as well as being held at the Paradise itself. These include the Gold Coast Boat Club, the Surfers Paradise Yacht Club and the famous Maleny Yacht Club. If these aren't enough to interest you then you could always look further a field as the Burleigh Heads Track and the Lost Boys Track. However, if you have a bit of extra cash you can book yourself some time with the famous Ron Barossa and wife Penny at their luxurious hotel. They offer events year round so you can make the Gold Coast part of your team-building holiday.

As well as being filled with fun activities, many of the Gold Coast team building companies will also offer some much more structured activities too. These might include corporate events, product launch events or charity events. You might need to spend some time learning about the company before deciding which one to go with. It's worth doing a bit of research and making a list of the services offered before choosing.

There are some fabulous beaches on the Gold Coast that are perfect for group building. The Coolangatta region is especially good, and there are several Gold Coast council approved beach parks for group building activities. Among the best are the Paradise Park and the Sandcastle Park. The Paradise Park is well suited to smaller groups as it is family friendly with areas for children to run around in. Sandcastle Park is also good, with plenty of space to play games and other activities.

If you're looking for more structured team building activities then you should head north to the Gold Coast University campus. There are many options here. One of the largest team building campuses is the Pacific National Park. Here you can work alongside volunteers helping to build a theme park complete with rides and other attractions. The park is modeled after Australia's Great Barrier Reef, and the volunteers there to work on building the attraction by hand using natural building materials.

If you're interested in something more adventurous than the Coolangatta Track for team building is the place to be. This walking and biking track is located right on the Gold Coast's beaches. You can even bring your family. It has sections that are off-road and rocky, but you'll get used to it quickly.

There are also many indoor activities you can take part in. One of the best is the Gold Coast Aquarium. There are free admission hours here and you can get up close and personal with all the marine wildlife. They have special displays about the creatures you might typically see in aquariums, such as sharks and penguins. In addition to these, the aquarium also lets visitors take tours of their underwater zoo.

There are also many popular companies offering team building services in the city. Such companies include Aedin International and Morey Partners. For more information on what team building options are available in Brisbane, contact your local Gold Coast team building company today.